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Everything you need to Discover, Analyze, Prioritize and Align your automation opportunities.

Capture Ideas, Problems, and/or Business Needs

Whether you have a team of 2 or 2000, our Opportunity Pipeline keeps everyones ideas in the same place.

Rebuild business needs into process outcomes

Co-create automation ideas through company collaboration

Discover automation alignments for process improvements

Analyze Your Ideas to Become Opportunities

Find and evaluate automation opportunities easier and faster to achieve quick wins.

Run simulations to test hypotheses of your as-is/to-be scenarios to find benefits and accurate measurements

Calculate your ROI, Payback time, Net Present Value, etc to understand the profitability of your opportunities

Capture intangible assets and soft benefits for your company

Prioritize Your Process Improvement Opportunities

Measure what matters with the Automation Compass Opportunity Dashboard. Display multiple metrics and charts for side-by-side comparisons in just a few clicks.

Filter, export, and drilldown the data quickly with your Dashboards

Score the attributes of your opportunities based on data to focus on what matters the most to your company

Identify which opportunities align with your business needs

Align Your Outcomes with Your Strategic Goals

Both current and future projects can be connected to the Business Architecture to fully understand the benefits, as well as the gaps within the organization.

Evaluate the status of your KPIs from a holistic view by heatmapping your capabilities

Connect your capabilities, opportunities and goals to achieve your North Star

Gain insight from our Value Chain and Organizational Chart to bring greater value to the end customer

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